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8 Tips for Remodeling Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of a home – it’s where families gather to relax, entertain guests, and create memories. However, as design styles change and homes age, living rooms can start to feel dated or no longer functional for your needs. An aging in place remodeling project is the perfect opportunity to refresh this important space and make it a cozy retreat you’ll love for years to come. As your trusted home remodeling contractor, we’re sharing our top 8 tips for remodeling your living room to inspire your project.

Research and Plan

One of the keys to a successful remodeling project is plenty of forethought, knowledge, and information – especially if you’re making structural changes, working with several professionals, and having a large budget. Take your time planning before you start so that you don’t have regrets when you’re done. Without further ado, here are the top 8 tips for remodeling your living room.

1. Consider open floor plans for flow and functionality.

One of the most impactful remodeling strategies is transforming your living room’s layout and flow. Consider knocking down non-supporting walls to open up the space and connect it seamlessly to neighboring areas like the dining and kitchen spaces. This creates natural traffic patterns that bring families together yet prevent crowded bottlenecks. It also tricks the eye into making rooms feel larger while still providing defined zones for various functions.

2. Impose versatile seating arrangements.

Mix and match comfortable seating options in sectional, modular, or single-style formats. Play with different sizes, textures, and orientations to suit any crowd or occasion. A multi-use chaise lounger offers flexibility, a cozy loveseat pairs well with an armchair for conversing, and plush carpet makes movie nights a delight. Go even bolder with an accent ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. No matter your style, the goal is versatility and inviting places for all.

3. Functionality meets style with smart storage.

Create a lived-in space by artfully integrating living room remodeling ideas with both decorative and functional storage elements. Built-in shelves, sideboards, media centers, and console stands are chic ways to hide clutter while on display when remodeling your living room. Under-sofa ottomans with lids hide items, while footrests add comfort. Consider compact coffee tables with lifts or drawers to hide items away. A creative living room design balances form and utility perfectly.

4. Add focal points that spark creativity. 

An accent wall, unique fireplace, sculptural ceiling lighting, or curated art arrangement are focal points that establish the style and become gathering spots. Focal points are design elements you’ll want to highlight with features like intricate millwork, custom built-ins, or an artistic media player. Your eyes will naturally gravitate towards these special spots, creating intrigue and lending dimension to any space.

5. Mix modern boldness with tactile softness.

Combine sleek modern elements like dramatic lighting, glass, and metal accents with warmth through rich textures, natural materials, and layered patterns. For example, pair an angular sectional in faux leather with plush carpeting, wool throws, and mix-media art. Or contrast a raw-edge media console in woodgrain with matte black metal accents. Your space will exude layered sophistication while still feeling inviting and cozy after remodeling your living room.

6. Capitalize on natural light sources.

Whether maximizing a front-facing window wall or skylights, natural lighting energizes any room. Consider living room ideas to emphasize windows through wider casings, volume ceilings, or window seating nooks. For home offices, wall-washing accent lighting helps illuminate workspaces, while ambient lighting sets the mood. For entertainment zones, recessed or uplighting draws attention where it’s meant to. Play with different hues dependent on functions as well.

7. Select finishes that flatten and last.

While trends come and go, choosing classic yet versatile finishes means your remodel retains vibrancy over time. Consider light-reflective flat or low-sheen paints instead of dark, glossy shades. Stain-resistant materials like textured fabrics will fare better under kids, pets, and entertaining. Durable flooring like water-resistant laminate or slow-to-stain luxury vinyl planks (LVP) comes in any style yet cleans up easily. Hardware like faux brass accents withstands weathering too. Let your furnishings and colors evolve, yet select foundation elements built for endurance.

8. Accommodate modern conveniences.

Conceal cabling, add ample outlets, and make room for today’s devices. Flat screens above fireplaces or media consoles hide cords neatly. USB outlets incorporated strategically provide charging options anywhere. Sufficient plugs behind modular seating or built-ins avoid messy cords. Compact home offices within living areas allow working alongside family. Consider smart lighting and sound systems that transform your home into an entertainment hub activated at your fingertips. Well-positioned connections empower any lifestyle.

How much does it cost to remodel the living room?

The cost of remodeling your living room depends on the scale of the changes, such as flooring, windows, furniture, and artwork. The quality and price of these options can vary. Demolition costs can be low, but disposal fees can add up quickly. Time and effort are also important costs. Initial estimates and final costs may vary, but careful planning and collaboration can avoid surprises.

Consult the Pros

These living room remodeling tips offer endless inspiration to refresh your space into a welcoming haven. Once you have a sense of what functions you want your new living room to serve, gather lots of information. Contact Nailed It Builders for a free consultation on bringing your ideal designs to life with quality craftsmanship that lasts for years to come. Our team would love to help reimagine your home’s heart into a cozy retreat for friends, family, and comfort. Let’s give your living room a transformation that sparks joy each day.


By following these 8 tips for remodeling your living room, you’ll be able to create a living room that not only meets your needs but also reflects your personal style. Take the time to explore different design ideas and find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics for a space you’ll love spending time in.

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