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12 tricks from a former Apple employee to prevent your iPhone battery

A former Apple employee, Tyler Morgan, shared 12 tricks on TikTok to save battery life on iPhones

The battery life of the iPhones has always been a title that makes the user very annoying. Apple’s intelligent phones battery out very quickly, often looking for advice to improve their age.

Recently, Tyler Morgan, a former Apple employee, shared 12 tricks on the iPhones to save battery life, which has gone viral in this famous social network. It has compiled around 12 million visits.

If you still can’t see it, even if you will find it depressed, here you will find all the tricks to avoid running out of your iPhone battery. Will love yourself

First, keep in mind that Morgan suggests choosing tricks that are in line with everyone’s preferences and needs, since some may affect the general experience of the user. Choose your head carefully and above all. Everyone helps improve their mobile battery, but it is not recommended to start everyone at the same time.

12 tricks to improve your iPhone battery

  1. Avoid loading battery 100 to: Do this job permanently can shorten the battery life. Keeping it between 20 and 80 can help extend its duration.
  2. Do not load during the night: this can expose the battery to a permanent voltage, which can affect it in a long time.
  3. Load up to 80 A (iPhone 15 Pro models): Some iPhone 15 Pro offers the option of limiting the load to 80 %, which can help maintain battery health.
  4. Disable the background activity for some applications: prevent applications from being executed in the background can reduce energy consumption, especially for applications that should not always be updated.
  5. Closing or restricting the location services of some applications: applications that use permanent location services can quickly remove their battery. It is advisable to disable these services for unnecessary applications.
  6. Adjust the brightness of the screen or set it automatically: reduce the shine of the screen or automatically adjust in terms of light conditions, helps save energy.
  7. Turn off the ascent to wake up: when you choose the iPhone, the characteristic of getting up to get up is awake to the screen.
  8. Set the automatic block in 1 minute: reduce the time before the screen is automatically blocked when it helps prevent a battery from keeping when the screen stays.
  9. Disable “Hey Siri”: This function, believing or not, always listens to the iPhone to detect commands, which can save energy by reducing the activity of the virtual assistant.
  10. Bluetooth turning configuration: If you are not using Bluetooth devices, close this function also helps save battery life.
  11. Reduce the movement: This option reduces the number of dynamic images and the effects of movement in the system, which can save strength and make the interface more efficient.
  12. Length rate up to 60 hits (for iPhone Pro models that admit the promotion): Reduce the box speed to 60Hz can save electricity in iPhone Pro models that support a high update rate.

Naturally, Morgan has maintained some things on its iPhone, such as restricting the 60 hits frame speed, configuring automatic blocking for 1 minute and disabled the characteristics that do not use regularly, such as “Hey Lord.” As mentioned above, each user can adjust these settings according to their preferences and habits.


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