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The name Anas is one of the names for boys. The origin of the name Anas originates from the Arabic and Sindhi language. The lucky number for people named Anas is considered to be 3. The meaning of Anas name is Affection, Love, Pleasant Companionship while lucky days include Tuesday, Thursday. Lucky metals according to numbers include copper, iron. Favorable colors for people with name Anas include red, violet. Ruby is among the favorable stones for people with name Anas.

Anas Name Meanings in English

MeaningAffection, Love, Pleasant Companionship
Lucky #3
Favorable dayTuesday, Thursday
Matching colorsRed, Violet
Compatible stoneRuby
Compatible MetalsCopper, Iron

انس نام کے معنی اردو میں

پیار، محبت، خوشگوار صحبتمعنی
3لکی نمبر
منگل, جمعراتموافق دن
سرخ, بنفشیموافق رنگ
روبیموافق پتھر
تانبا, لوہاموافق دھاتیں

अनस नाम का हिंदी में अर्थ

अर्थस्नेह, प्रेम, सुखद संग
भाग्यशाली #3
अनुकूल दिनमंगलवार, गुरुवार
मिलान रंगलाल, बैंगनी
संगत पत्थरमाणिक
संगत धातुतांबा, लोहा

Anas is a Muslim boy name that originates from Sindhi. The meaning of the name Anas is “Affection, Love, Pleasant Companionship”. Anas Name Urdu meaning can be written in Roman as “Awaz sunna” and this name is all-time popular among Muslim society. It is an attractive name, even many famous people around the world are called Anas. It is observed that people named Anas have an attractive and courageous personality which also defines the adornment in their character, as described in the meaning of the name Anas in English. Anas is also included in the modern Muslim boy’s name in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. The meaning of Anas is associated with boldness, independence, security, leadership and balance. People with this name are spiritually intense and charming. They promote original ideas as well as financial success.

Q. What is the Lucky Number of Anas ?

The lucky number associated with the name Anas is “3”.

Q. What does Anas name mean?

Anas name meaning in Urdu is “پیار، محبت، خوشگوار صحبت”. In English, Anas name meaning is “Affection, Love, Pleasant Companionship”.

Q. What is the religion of the name Anas ?

The religion of the name Anas is Muslim.

Q. What is the origin of Anas name?

The origin of the name Anas is Sindhi.

Q. What is the auspicious color of the name Anas ?

For the name Anas , the lucky color is red, violet.

A beautiful and significant name embellishes the child’s personality. The name Anas is a famous Muslim baby name that is often preferred by fathers. The meaning of the name Anas in Urdu is “پیار، محبت، خوشگوار صحبت”. Anas name is Associated with a companioning of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and still, Anas name Urdu meaning is defined as Ek qabil sathi. Anas name lucky number is 3 and this name is consisting of 4 letters.

The names are the source of recognition and a significant name enhances the charm of an individual. According to Numerology Prediction, the lucky number associated with the name Anas is “3”.Muslim boy name Anas is an attractive name that is well described on the page along with several meanings.

This page provides the authentic and alternative spelling of the name Anas. The meaning of the name Anas in English and Urdu is available here. The list of famous people with the name Anas can be discovered on this page.


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