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ARY Upcoming Dramas

List of All Upcoming ARY Dramas

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Below is the list of ARY upcoming dramas. It should be noted that although great caution has been observed in mentioning cast and crew information for these dramas, it might change once the projects air.

Pinjra is an upcoming Pakistani family drama that will be airing on Ary Digital soon. This drama is the last written by Asma Nabeel. The Drama is directed by Najaf Bilgrami. Pinjra is starring Omair Rana, Hadiqa Kiani, and  Aashir Wajahat in leading roles.

If you are looking for Pinjra drama actors’ names, timings, on-air days, photos, and OST title song, you can find these here. You can also find public opinion and reviews about the Pinjra drama here.

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