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Jazz Prepaid All in One Packages 2022

Jazz Prepaid All in One Daily, weekly and Monthly packages

Jazz, formerly known as ‘Mobilink’, is one of the largest networks in Pakistan. It was launched in the year 1994 and became the voice of Pakistan in the year 1999. It was previously launched under the name of Mobilink (PMCL) and its fascinating services have urged the people of Pakistan to adopt the Mobilink lifestyle. In the year 2015, it acquired another large network from Pakistan known as ‘Warid’. Both are serving millions of subscribers in Pakistan with 37% of the total market share. Jazz is the choice of all Pakistanis.

Both Jazz and Warid clients delighted in quick web and some others offers. As far back as the merger, Jazz has additionally scored up the game big opportunity with regards to internet providers and 3G/4G gadgets. jazz provide the all in one packages.

All in one Offers:

Prepaid jazz packages. Warid Prepaid Packages, Mobilink Calling Packages, Mobilink Monthly Packages Jazz all-in-one offers are called Jazz Super Card offers and can be activated by dialing Jazz retail USSD code *964#. is available in a variety of 2 hours, 1 day, weekly and monthly calling packages Jazz, Warid calling packages Subscription Details of all easy card packages are mentioned below

Package NameDetailValidityPriceSubscription
SUPER DUPER8 GB DATA, 3000 Jazz Mins, 165 Other Network Mins, 3000 SMSMonthly655 (Incl. Tax)*706#
SUPER DUPER PLUS17 GB DATA, 5000 Jazz Mins, 300 Other Network Mins, 5000 SMSMonthly870 (Incl. Tax)*707#
4 GB DATA, 10000 Jazz Mins (333 Daily on Weekdays) + Unlimited On-net on Sundays, 100 Other Network Mins, 2500 SMS
Monthly545 (Incl. Tax)*430#
BACHAT OFFER4 GB ​DATA (Whatsapp, IMO & BiP), 250 Jazz Mins, 35 Other Network Mins, 2000 SMSMonthly120 (Incl. Tax)*614#
SUPER DUPER6 GB (3 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) DATA, 1500 Jazz Mins, 60 Other Network Mins, 1500 SMSWEEKLY239 (Incl. Tax)*770#
SUPER PLUS12 GB DATA, 5000 Jazz Mins, 80 Other Network Mins, 5000 SMSWEEKLY282 (Incl. Tax)*505#
ALL NETWORK3 GB DATA, 1000 Jazz Mins, 60 Other Network Mins, 1000 SMSWEEKLY191 (Incl. Tax)*700#
FROM HOME BUNDLE10 GB DATA, Unlimited Jazz Mins (8AM – 6PM)WEEKLY99 (Incl. Tax)*117*14#
HYBRID1 GB DATA, 1000 Jazz Mins, 30 Other Network Mins, 1000 SMSWEEKLY130 (Incl. Tax)*407#
SUPER MAX30 GB ​DATA, 6000 Jazz Mins, 100 Other Network Mins, 6000 SMSWEEKLY337 (Incl. Tax)*506#
GIVE-A-BUNDLEGift 1 GB Data and 100 Jazz Minutes to your loved ones for 3 days3 Days35 (Incl. Tax)*919#
3 DAY-MAX OFFER1 GB ​DATA, 100 Jazz Mins3 Days35 (Incl. Tax)*631#
PLUS500 MB DATA, 500 Jazz Mins, 5 Other Network Mins, 500 SMSDaily30 (Incl. Tax)*558#
DAY BUNDLE20 MB DATA, 300 Jazz Mins, 300 SMSDaily14.5 (Incl. Tax)*340#


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