Muslim Boys Names

Muslim and Quranic Names and there Meanings for Boys.


Muslim boys name means that a baby’s name should be within the guidelines of the Islamic religion with the appropriate meanings. Find popular Islamic male names from different alphabets so you can assign them to your little boy. There is a wide collection of popular, famous and latest Muslim boy names on hamariweb where you can choose the best one for your newborn boy.

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Muslim Boys Names:

The birth of the baby brings joy to families and when it is the baby, it is an ultimate delight. In Muslim families, names are believed to be very influential. The name is the first gift that parents give their children. Muslim names for boys are often chosen from the names of the prophets, the sahabas and the sufis. Legends are children who take on the characteristics of their name. Muslim boy names are chosen based on culture and region. Muslim baby names for boys are different in various regions. The fact is that there is a large population of Muslims in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia and even France.

Across all continental regions, Muslim baby names for boys vary according to their popularity. Speaking of regional variation, a minor change in the pronunciation structure of the name produces a new name in both Muslim boy names and Muslim girl names.

In names, people often consider their native language, just like in Pakistan, Urdu boy names are recommended. Although Urdu names for boys are the combination of Arabic, Persian and Turkish names, it has its own meaning.

Muslim Islamic Boys Names

Islam has created some limits to choose the name of Muslim children. UrduPoint presents a platform where you can search for Islamic names for boys. Here you can find Urdu Boys names with meanings. Though Islam has banned some baby names like Fir’on, Qaroon, Abu Jehal and other similar unbelievers. According to a hadith narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh, 1398:

‘The most beloved of names to Allaah are Abd-Allaah and Abd al-Rahmaan.’

Allah has ordered to choose the name by examining all its angles, whether it suits the child or not, or whether the name will allow the child to develop optimistic characteristics. All beautiful Islamic boy names with meanings in Urdu are mentioned in this page.

The bias of the vast majority of Muslim baby boy names is that the meaning should be something that shows the characteristics of leaders and power. Aside from that, with regard to naming the child, parents are increasingly concerned about the impact that the name will have on the child, so they strive to be exceptionally vigilant.

At other times, people have been inspired by some famous people or sometimes people think of paying homage to their friends and family who have left this world by naming their baby after them, but the mere thought of neglecting the name meaning This page leads such parents to find Muslim boys names with meanings in Urdu.

We have collected all the information and adjusted all the Muslim names for boys according to them in sequential order with the meanings of the names and the spelling of the names in Urdu.

Muslim Boy Names – As mentioned above, the birth of a boy and in particular a baby boy in Muslim families is considered a genuine blessing. The name has an incredible inclination to affect the life of any individual. It is the main reason why you should be careful when naming your baby. Be that as it may, along with the name, the number of lucy, the origin, which means that it also assumes a key role. The appearance of a baby in a family is considered a genuine indication of adoration, blessing, and friendship.

In certain families, the child’s name is decided before the birth, and in some cases, the parents are left confused. Islamic boy names page is an ideal place for people who need clever ideas for reasonable Muslim boy names. On this page you can find the names of Muslim boys with their lucky number, origin, meaning, etc.

Muslim Boys Names Categories:

Following the main categories to name your Muslim baby:

  • Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.W mentioned two names loved by Allah Almighty. Those names are ‘Abdullaah and Abdul-Rahmaan’. In fact, it is the first priority category to name your Muslim child.
  • In the second category, fall those names that express the slavery of Allah. These names can be Abdul-Azeez, Abdul-Raheem, Abdul-Malik, AbduIlaah, Abdul-Salaam, etc.
  • The third category has all the names of Prophets and Messengers of Allah. Since Ahmad is the name of Muhammad (S.A.W.W), it should be prioritized as an Urdu name for a baby boy. Similarly, the ‘Strong-willed Messengers’ called Ibrahim, Musa, Isa and Nooh (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them), and then the names of the other prophets can be chosen for Muslim boys.
  • In the fourth category, the names of the righteous servants of Allah can be chosen as Muslim baby boy names. The Companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who are called the Sahabas are bestowed with a high rank in Islam. It is mustahhib to name your baby after them.
  • Lastly, find here the Muslim baby names that you think are appropriate and pleasing for her son with a beautiful meaning as well.

Latest Boys Names With Meanings:

The platform has a huge collection of the latest Muslim boy names. Islamic boys name with meaning is generally sought after by Muslim parents living in Pakistan, India and other Middle Eastern nations. Online Islamic name search pattern is easier on this site as it offers all the required details. You can find probably the best Islamic boy names in Urdu, and some latest boy names with meaning online that you can choose for your lovely baby.

Here, you can search for Muslim baby names meaning in Urdu, origin, lucky number, lucky color, lucky days, lucky metals and lucky stones. UrduPoint presents all the names of children in alphabetical order. This page offers all the latest and trending Muslim Baby Boy Names in Urdu. UrduPoint displays all the Islamic boy names in Urdu on this page. All Muslim boy names with English and Urdu meanings are displayed here.

Q. What are the best Muslim boy names?
In the list of the best Muslim boy names, there are the beautiful names of Allah Almighty and Muhammad S.A.W.W. Then Muslim parents can choose other popular Islamic names like Ayaan, Adeel, Burhan, Zeeshan etc.

Q. What are good Muslim names?
Good Muslim baby boy names are Ahmad, Atif, Badar, Basheer, Subhan, etc.

Q. What are some Arabic boy names?
Arabic boy names are the most common Muslim boy names. Allah and Muhammad S.A.W.W names are the famous Arabic boy names including Abdul Rehman, Abdul Raheem, Abdul Malik, Abdul Qudoos, Shahid, Fatih, Aqib, Qasim, Basir etc.

Q. What are the most attractive boy names?
Most Muslim boy names are attractive. In the list of attractive Islamic names for baby boys, there are Muhammad, Ahmad, Ali, Hassan, Hussain, etc.


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