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Pyar Deewangi Hai (2022) Drama

Pyar Deewangi Hai is a new 2022 drama that aired on ARY Digital. The premiere of the first episode is scheduled for May 9, 2022. The dramatic story of Pyar Deewangi Hai is written by Misbah Ali Syed and directed by Aabis Raza. According to the director, the cast members of the drama Pyar Deewangi Hai performed well in their roles. Furthermore, the drama is produced by Dr. Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa under the banner of BigBang Entertainment.

ReleaseMay 9, 2022
ActorsAkbar Baig, Aliya Ali, Faiza Khan, Ghazala Darwaish, Gul-e-Rana, Hassan Niazi, Javed Sheikh, Neelam Muneer, Nida Khan, Saba Faisal, Sabahat Ali Bukhari, Sami Khan, Shuja Asad, Urooj Fatima
TimingEvery Monday at 8:00 PM (PKT)
ChannelARY Digital
WriterMisbah Ali Syed
ProducerDr. Ali Kazmi, Fahad Mustafa
ProductionBigBang Entertainment
DOPWaqas Ali
DirectorAabis Raza

Cast & Crew:

ActorsRole in Drama
Sami KhanDawood
Sabahat Ali BukhariSajida (Dawood’s mother)
Neelam MuneerRabi
Nida KhanSara (Rabi’s sister)
Hassan NiaziIqbal (Rabi’s brother)
Saba FaisalSaima (Rabi’s mother)
Shuja AsadMateen
Gul-e-RanaNaseem (Mateen’s mother)
Javed SheikhAslam
Faiza KhanRoohi
Akbar Baig
Aliya Ali
Ghazala Darwaish
Urooj Fatima

Episode 10

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 10 – 18th July 2022: Rabi goes to live at her mother’s house for a while where she spends time with her childhood friend, Roohi. Mateen continues to face rejection from companies and is frustrated by unemployment. Aslam’s shop is raided by a group of thugs who steal all the money he had collected from a committee. Naseem blames Rabi for the adversity, driving Mateen crazy. Iqbal finds out about the robbery and runs to Mateen’s house along with his mother and Rabi. As Saima comforts Naseem, she instigates the spiteful Naseem to slander Rabi for his doomed fate. Mateen forces Rabi to ask his brother for financial help despite his reluctance. Iqbal smells Naseem’s bad intentions and informs his mother beforehand that he will not sell the house at any cost to give Rabi his share. Following Naseem’s advice to catch Mateen, Zebi offers to help him through his time of trouble. Mateen is falsely accused of the robbery and arrested by the police. In her fury, Naseem kicks Rabi out of the house, creating a spectacle of her.

Episode 9

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 9 – 4th July 2022: Aslam, Rabi’s only well-wisher in the house, asks him to take care of Mateen and strengthen their marriage. Rabi finally comes clean to him, informing him that Dawood stopped by just to give him Mateen’s appointment letter. As Naseem bad-mouths Rabi in front of Mateen, Aslam steps in and clears up the misunderstanding. Mateen tears up the letter, runs to Rabi, and begs her forgiveness. Naseem goads Mateen into demanding money from his in-laws to start a business. Reluctantly, he asks Rabi for the money and promises to pay it back once his business starts to flourish. Rabi declines his request and instead offers to sell his gold for the business. Naseem snatches the gold from her and criticizes her for bringing an insufficient dowry. When Sara invites Rabi and her in-laws over for dinner, Naseem leaves no stone unturned to belittle Rabi and blame her for bringing Mateen bad luck.

Episode 8

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 8 | 27th June 2022: Rabi assures Mateen that she doesn’t believe in materialistic things and just wants his company and support. Mateen goes for a second interview, but receives a disappointing response when the interviewer sees that she is inexperienced. Naseem continues to criticize Rabi for not being qualified enough to apply for a job. Dawood meets with Mateen and takes the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding. Dawood also asks for his CV to find him a job. Dawood’s interference offends Mateen and he suspects that Rabi is keeping him informed on all matters in the house. Sara goes to meet Rabi and gives him some money until Mateen can’t get a job. When Rabi is alone in the house, Dawood arrives and hands her Mateen’s appointment letter. Naseem witnesses the scene and once again makes a fuss about it, leading Mateen to raise his hand on Rabi.

Episode 7

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 7 | 20th June 2022: At Saima’s insistence, Iqbal goes to meet Rabi at his in-laws’ house. Naseem takes the opportunity to badmouth Rabi in front of Iqbal, portraying her as slow and useless. Also, he recounts Dawood’s incident when he was caught alone in the house with Rabi to develop a misunderstanding in Iqbal’s heart. Sajida suspects that Dawood and Sara are having a secret affair after she once saw them outside together. Also, Dawood inadvertently keeps mentioning her in her conversation, which makes Sajida more curious. Iqbal suggests filing a divorce on Sara’s behalf, since her husband has been missing for five years. Naseem leaves the gas stove on, trying to blow Rabi away. Fortunately, Rabi smells the gas leak in time and begs Naseem to spare his life. Just then, Mateen walks into the room and sees Rabi holding her mother’s feet. Naseem freaks out and changes the scenario, telling Mateen that Rabi is not happy with her marriage because she has a husband without a job.

Episode 6

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 6 | 13th June 2022: Mateen deals with a serious bicycle accident while on his way to a job interview. Upon receiving this news, Naseem is devastated and blames Rabi for bringing bad luck to his son. Before leaving for the hospital, he asks Zebi to lock Rabi in his room to prevent him from bothering Mateen. Dawood learns from Sara about the accident and decides to go to Mateen’s house to check on him. Just then, Naseem returns from the hospital and claims that Rabi is spending time alone with a stranger in her husband’s absence and calls her lame. Dawood is shocked after witnessing Naseem’s unpleasant behavior and feels sorry for Rabi. Rabi assures Mateen that she can never be disloyal to him, and after many reassuring words, Mateen is satisfied. Saima and Sara go to ask about Mateen’s status and are very disappointed by Naseem’s cold behavior towards them.

Episode 5

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 5 | 6th June 2022: Al ver a Rabi molesta, Mateen se disculpa con ella por su comportamiento grosero y los tortolitos se reconcilian rápidamente. Naseem interpreta el papel de una suegra diplomática de dos caras que es amable con Rabi frente a Mateen y habla mal de ella en su ausencia. A pesar de ser una niña recién casada, Naseem obliga a Rabi a hacer todas las tareas del hogar. Cuando Mateen lleva a Rabi a dar un paseo, la tortuosa suegra prohíbe estrictamente a Rabi dejar que Mateen gaste un solo centavo en ella. Dawood no puede dejar de pensar en Rabi y se entrega a recuerdos de ella. Sajida le trae una propuesta porque quiere desesperadamente que su hijo se case, pero Dawood se niega de inmediato a casarse con nadie. Sara va a encontrarse con su tía, Sajida, y hace todo lo posible por reparar la relación entre su madre y Sajida.

Episode 4

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 4 | 30th May 2022: For the sake of Mateen’s happiness, Aslam and Naseem arrive at Saima’s house with a marriage proposal. Having no other choice, Iqbal agrees to Rabi and Mateen’s marriage. When Zebi, Naseem’s niece, finds out that Mateen’s marriage is arranged with Rabi, she regrets it because she was chosen for him and she always dreamed of him. Naseem comforts her and then, together with her, devises a plan to make Rabi’s life hell. On Rabi’s wedding night, Naseem bursts into his room and threatens to make his life miserable. The day after the wedding, Naseem forcibly pierces Rabi’s nose by tampering with the old myth that women without nose piercings bring bad luck to her husbands. Saima later visits Rabi only to find her nose pierced. She snaps at Naseem for torturing a newlywed bride. Just then, Mateen walks in and yells at Rabi for crying in front of her mom.

Episode 3

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 3 | 23rd May 2022: Sara tries to convince Rabi to forget about Mateen and think about respecting her family, but Rabi closes her eyes because she is crazy about Mateen. Iqbal forces his mother to perform Rabi’s marriage ceremony with Dawood as soon as possible. Learning that Naseem is planning to hook Mateen up with a girl of her choice, Mateen threatens her with suicide, eventually consuming gasoline attempting suicide. However, she is saved from it after he is taken to the hospital in time. Aslam berates her wife, Naseem, for going against her son’s wishes and finally convinces her to make Rabi her daughter-in-law. Seeing Rabi’s infatuation with Mateen and her determination to marry him at all costs, Sara asks Dawood to withdraw her proposal. Despite her true love for Rabi, Dawood decides to respect Rabi’s feelings for Mateen and refuses to marry her.

Episode 2

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 2 – 16th May 2022: The news of Rabi’s love letters and the cancellation of their engagement circulates throughout the neighborhood. Iqbal, Rabi’s older brother and the sole breadwinner in the household is furious after hearing it. Rabi is devastated after the ravages and mourns the loss of her love and dignity. Dawood’s mother Sajida asks her sister Saima for Rabi’s hand in marriage to Dawood and Saima instantly accepts. Mateen learns of her mother’s wrongdoing and assures Rabi that he will marry her, as he is not willing to give up on her relationship of eight years. Later, he calls Rabi to a park to meet her. Seeing Rabi’s pain, he tries to cheer her up. At that time, Rabi finds out that her wedding has been arranged with Dawood and rushes to her house to express her refusal. Seeing Mateen with Rabi, Iqbal loses his cool and the two have a heated argument during which Rabi is injured.

Episode 1

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 1 – 9th May 2022: The episode begins with Rabi, a very lively girl who is madly in love with her cousin Mateen. Mateen is the only child in her family and her mother Naseem, who is Rabi’s phupo, hates her and her mother Saima to the core. Previously, Mateen and Rabi were engaged, but after Rabi’s father died, Naseem wants to cancel her engagement because he envies Rabi for her beauty and fair complexion. Dawood is a mature and decent high school teacher. He is also in love with his cousin, Rabi, who happens to be his aunt’s daughter. He gets fumed seeing Mateen drop Rabi off on her motorcycle at her college. Sara, Rabi’s older sister, is separated from her husband so she lives in her mother’s house. She tries to talk some sense into Rabi to keep her love for Mateen in check, since her mother doesn’t mean well for Rabi. The next day, Naseem discovers Rabi’s love letters in Mateen’s room and, in her fury, goes to Rabi’s house to call off her engagement.

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