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Aamir Khan’s Grand Return in 2024: A Mystery Film Begins Shooting Soon!

Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan at the screening of upcoming film (2024).

Aamir Khan Upcoming Movie 2024: Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan returns to the big screen after a long absence. Although he has not appeared in any movie recently, he will make a new movie in 2024. He will start filming this movie in January this year.

Aamir Khan has taken a long break from the film business. He was last seen in the film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ alongside Kareena Kapoor. Aamir’s film was a complete failure at the box office. After that, he decided to take a break from the film industry. Aamir has not released a single film in 2023, his fans are now excited to see Aamir on the big screen. Now Aamir Khan will return to the film industry at the beginning of the new year.

Aamir Khan’s 2024 film project is scheduled to begin shooting in January.

According to media reports, the shooting of Aamir Khan’s next film will begin in January. This film will be directed by SR Prashanthan. Pre-production work on this film is currently underway. After completing the pre-production preparations, the makers can begin the shooting of this film from January 29. The first shooting schedule of this film will be in Mumbai.

Story of Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie What is the story of Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie?

Aamir Khan’s next film will be a remake of the 2018 Spanish film ‘Champions’. The story of this film is about a disgruntled coach who forms a team of mentally disabled people.

Prasanna was waiting to do this film for a long time. Aamir Khan is also happy with the script. Filming of the film will begin on January 29.

The casting of the film is also very important. Aamir Khan will be seen in the lead role of this film. Many people will audition to find suitable actors for this film. The group is selecting the ideal actor for the story through hundreds of auditions.


Aamir Khan is a very good Bollywood actor. He is called a “perfectionist” because he works very hard on his films. He has been making films for over 30 years and acted in many successful films. Some of the films were flops but they also won many awards. His films ‘Lagaan, 3 Idiots, PK’ became very popular.

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