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Saba Qamar comes to Green TV in two contrasting avatars.

Green Entertainment has taken the world by storm since its launch earlier this year. He got to work and in just a few months, he has already produced beloved and critically acclaimed projects like ‘Kabali Pulau’, ‘Jundo’, ‘Door’ and many more.

The channel has already made a name for itself for its fresh and unconventional storytelling. anthologies, thrillers, comics and more; They have something for everyone to see.

Now they are working with star Saba Qamar on two exciting new shows. However, this won’t be the duo’s first collaboration as ‘Tumhare Husan Ke Naam’ aired its final episode earlier this week. The teasers of two shows, ‘Pagal khana’ and ‘Serial Killer’ have just been released and we couldn’t be more excited.

Both see Saba Qamar in two completely different avatars. Let’s discuss.

Pagal Khana

The first teaser of Pagal khana was released last month and it has already created intrigues. It starts with star ‘Kamli’ locked in his room. The teaser also features Sami Khan, who we have seen with Saba in several projects in the past. In the trailer, Saba’s character seems hopelessly in love with Sami’s character, although a subtle twist hints at the development of a more complex narrative.

The show has teased the story of Ishq-i Haqiqi. About a love that can consume your mind, body and soul. Hence he was nicknamed ‘Pagalkhana’. The show is written and directed by Iqbal Hussain of Qasa Mehrabano Ka fame.

The show will feature a diverse cast including Adnan Shah Tipu, Mashal Khan, Momal Sheikh and Syed Gibran.

Serial Killer:

Serial Killer

Saba Qamar recently released the first teaser of ‘Serial Killer’ in an Instagram post. We see Qamar here in a new avatar as SP Sara, a police officer who is on the hunt for a serial killer. Saba first teased the look two years ago in an Instagram post where he praised ‘Maat’ writer Umira Ahmed for writing the script for ‘Serial Killer’.

The upcoming thriller has already piqued our interest. It harkens back to all the classic alien spy shows while also feeling like the amazing true crime miniseries we see today. The show is written by Umira Ahmed while Fahad Noor will direct it.

Both shows promise us new stories, especially ‘Serial Killer’, which promises to be a truly exciting mystery. Neither show has a release date yet, but we couldn’t be more excited for them. Saba Qamar always chooses her projects wisely and is trusted by audiences to deliver great stories and performances, and these two look no different.

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